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The name of the company can be changed after it has been incorporated. A company can change its name in case of a change in business, ownership, management etc. The change in the company name will not have any impact on its existence as a corporate entity. A company can change its name with the approval of shareholders in the general meeting & by making necessary filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The name of a company or LLP can be changed by the promoters at anytime after incorporation. Some of the major reasons for change of company name are business model change, change of promoters, rebranding, etc., To change the name of a company, shareholders approval is required along with approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
Change of company name requires passing of a board resolution, obtaining name approval from MCA, passing of a special resolution and applying for approval of new company name to the MCA. If the MCA accepts the application, a new certificate of incorporation is issued. After obtaining the new certificate of incorporation, changes must be made to incorporate and change the MOA and AOA of the company as well.

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