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  • ROC follow ups
  • Statement of Account Preparation and Board Resolution Creation
  • Registration Fee


If your business in the private limited company is not running properly or faces continuous losses, it is better to close such private limited company and look for a new beginning. A private limited company needs to be closed or windup when there are no exchanges or the Directors of company are not willing to proceed its operations. A private limited company generally can be shut by both voluntary and compulsory circumstances.

A private limited company is an artificial judicial person and requires various compliances like appointment of Auditor, regular filing of income tax return, annual return filing and more. Failing to maintain compliance for a Company could result in fines and/or disqualification of the Directors from incorporating another Company. Therefore, if a private limited company has become inactive and there are no transactions in the company, then it is best to wind up the Company.
A company can also be closed by filing an application with the MCA in about 1 to 2 months. The entire process can be completed online. Hence, the process for closing a company is fast and easy in India through Meraprofit.

Complete our Simple Form
Drafting Affidavit
Filing Financial statement
Document Submission

Approved resolution in Board of Directors meeting.
There should be no business activity since the day 2 years from when resolution is passed
Declaration by members stating there is no debt pending on company and the required forms/Compliances are filed
Affidavits from Directors and Members/Indemnity Bond
List of creditors along with their Consent if any

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