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Trade License is a certificate/document which grants the permission to carry on a particular trade or business for which it is issued. It does not confer ownership of property or permission for any other activity other than for which it is issued.

Trade Licence is a matter of state governemnt which is levied by the local municipality/local govt./govt. autonomus bodies at the people or such business entities who wishes to set up their business in their locality.
Trade licence ensure the basic requirements and fulillment of state laws as applicable to different-different sectors of businesses.

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For a new trade license, following documents are required: 1. Documentary proof of legal occupancy of the unit 2. Documentary proof of establishment of trade w.e.f. the date 3. Copy of PAN/ VAT / TIN 4. Unit Area of Establishment in Sq. Mtr 5. Site Plan/Key Plan showing the area under the occupation of the applicant or earmarking salient features of the neighbourhood of the site. 6. Aadhar Card/Voter ID/ PAN Card/ Valid Indian Passport/ Permanent driving license/ Bank pass book with photograph and signature of Director/Partners/Proprietor 7. Electric Connection No. 8. Communication details 9. Classification of Trade and Trade Description 10. Passport Size Photograph 11. Indemnity Bond for Rs.100/- . 12. Affidavit for Rs.10/- 13. NOC from land-owning agency 14. Deed of constitution, if any
Following documents are required for renewal of trade license: 1. Original License copy 2. Any other documents, if asked for

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